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Online Presentations*

*These presentations are flash files that are best viewed in Internet Explorer.

Revising Strategies: This presentation runs about 11 minutes and covers steps for improving your paper's ideas and flow. Moving from content to organization, this presentation moves through the recommended process and strategies for revising written work.

Editing Strategies: This presentation runs about 15 minutes and discusses common editing issues for writers.


Library Videos

This series of helpful videos demonstrate how articles become a part of the library collection, how you can use databases to help find those articles, and picking a topic for your research project. The series is updated frequently, so if you are looking for a resource be sure to check here.  Here are a few we thought would be helpful: 

From Idea to Library: Ever wondered just how research articles become a part of the library collection?  This short video explains it. 

Picking Your Topic IS Research: This short video explains how research can help you define and refine your research topic. 

Finding Articles Using Summon: Have a research idea, but need to test it out?  This short video walks you through an effective way to search the Summon Database through the libary website. 

 Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students: A straightforward introduction to literature reviews for graduate students. 

WSTS Handouts

Using Articles


Rhetorical Analysis

Literature Review/Synthesis Matrix

Thesis Statements


Active Voice/Passive Voice



Commas Part I

Commas Part II

That vs. Which


Useful Websites


Here are links to some other useful NCSU sites for you.

Career Development Center -  Resources for creating your resume

Lobo - Library Research Methods Tutorial

Labwrite - Help writing lab reports

FLE Courses - Information about English as a foreign language courses

English Conversation Club - Informal practice speaking English


The Writing Center at UNC has a wonderful series of visual demos.

Here are links to a few we think you will find useful:

Understanding Assignments

Reverse Outline - This video pairs nicely with the Revising Strategies presentation above.

Why We Cite

On the Web

There are many other resources out there for you. Here are links to a few we use often.

Public Speaking Tips: This video and list of tips from George Washington University focuses on commencement speaches, but the content is applicable to any presentation. 

Purdue University Online Writing Lab - Excellent resource for citation styles and grammar questions

Punctuation Made Simple - A helpful guide to the colon, semicolon, comma, dash and apostrophe.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips - Searchable articles on everything from "Compound Subjects" to "How Do Words Get in the Dictionary."