Graduate Writing Center

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center (GWC)! 

The GWC is open to all NC State graduate students. Students can bring any non-exam related writing at any point in the writing process to the GWC to get a fresh perspective: course work, big projects, grant proposals, cover letters, anything. The GWC is staffed by graduate students from a variety of disciplines trained to give writers an outside perspective on their work. Consultants help to make sure the writer's ideas are clearly expressed to the reader.  The GWC will operate by appointment only.  All appointments meet at the University Tutorial Center (101 Park Shops). For more information about the GWC visit the About Us or Frequently Asked Questions page of this site.

The GWC is closed for the summer, but graduate students are welcome to use WSTS.  Follow this link to make an appointment!


Appointment Schedule: 

  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday

Appointments at 101 Park Shops







Appointment Policies

The GWC uses Google Calendar's Appointments feature. Please adhere to the following policies in order to ensure that we can continue to serve as many NC State graduate students as possible. Appointments that do not adhere to our center policies will be canceled. 


  • Before making your appointment, please make sure you have logged out of any other Google account you may have.
  • Make sure your calendar is set to Eastern Time.
  • Make all appointments using your NC State e-mail account. Appointments not made with NC State e-mail accounts will be canceled. Directions for making appointments.
  • Appointments are made in 30 minute intervals. Students who would like an hour long appointment may make 2 thirty-minute appointments back to back. (Consultants need time to complete their administrative duties between sessions. They will end sessions at :25 and :50 minutes.)
  • Students may have 1 hour of appointments a day.
  • Students may make up to 2 hours of appointments in one week.
  • Appointments may be made up to 2 weeks in advance. Appointments made too far in advance will be canceled.
  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late earn a No-Show.
  • Students who use less than 1/2 of their appointment time earn a No-Show.
  • Appointments must be canceled by midnight the day before an appointment. 
    To cancel an appointment you have made yourself, go to your NC State calendar, click on the appointment, you should have the option of deleting/canceling the appointment, then please choose "Delete and Notify guests." 
    To cancel an appointment you made at the UTC front desk, please call 919-515-3163  or email before midnight. 
    Missing an appointment without canceling, canceling after midnight the day of an appointment, or failure to notify the WSTS that you have canceled an appointment will result in a No-Show.  
  • All members of a group must be present when working on a group project. 


Book a GWC Appointment

 If you have any questions please contact WSTS Coordinator, Dr. Brandy Grabow.


Appointment Directions

Sign in using your Unity ID and Password

****IMPORTANT: If you were not prompted to log in, then you may be signed in with a personal Gmail account. Log out of all Gmail accounts to ensure you must log in to make your appointment using your NC State account.Appointments made with non-NC State e-mail accounts will be canceled.

Click on a consultant's name to make an appointment. (When an appointment is already booked no name will be available.)

Make an Appointment - click here.



No Show Policy

In order to ensure that as many students as possible can make WSTS appointments, WSTS has a No-Show policy. Any student receiving two No-Shows in a semester, regardless of the type, loses the privilege of making WSTS appointments of any kind until they meet with WSTS Coordinator Dr. Brandy L. Grabow.